Warhounds Armoured Combat

The team in South Australia started about this time in 2014 when I was watching Battle of the Nations with a group of reenactors. I decided then and there I need to do this!

So I hunted down the Australian team and asked how can I start! I was informed I wasn’t the first in SA to ask! I was given all the information I needed to get going and met up with the other two in SA who were keen and from there we created a group.

We attended our first fights in 2015 in NSW as well as meeting the Australian team for the first time. Back then there were only 30 fighters nationwide.

The team started just as Team SA, then Piping Shrikes before deciding on the SA Scorpions, we may be small but we pack a punch. SA is one of the smallest teams, we do struggle to find members with such a small population base, but we have grown and continue to grow with 20+ members, and 10 of those being full kitted fighters.

We are always up for a fight, traveling to every tournament we can all around Australia, from small display fights to national tournaments. Our team captain Jay has represented Australia attending two BotN, two IMCF and other tournaments around the world.

Our current goals for the club is to grow and expand, currently we are hunting for our place to call home, and to setup dedicated gym for HMB combat training, dubbed ‘The Scorpion Pit’.

We’re hoping to have this done by the end of the year.

You can currently find us at SA Base Camp twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) or at the Gumeracha and Barossa medieval fairs (Barossa medieval fair mid-August)

Contact SA Scorpions via Facebook