Team Kraken

Team Kraken is the largest HMB team based in Melbourne, Victoria, which was established in 2015.

This club practices full-contact medieval combat and train 5 times per week, in our own warehouse-style gym in a number of HMB disciplines.

Team Kraken prides themselves on producing great fighters, marshals and support members, who have competed & represented Australia across the world.

Fighters from Team Kraken have been representing Australia at the Battle of the Nation World Championships since 2016 in the Czech Republic. Since then the Team Kraken fighters have improved their skills from representing Australia as Team 3 in Spain (2017) to more recently representing Australia as Team 1 in Serbia (2019) in the Men’s 5v5 Buhurt discipline.

Currently the highest ranked Men’s 5v5 Buhurt team in Australia, Team Kraken also boast a number of highly ranked fighters in the Profight & Individual categories, such as Longsword, Sword & Buckler, and Polearm, for both Men & Women.

Team Kraken currently has a member base of approximately 45, which is growing and producing dedicated fighters, marshals & support members.

With the growing support of HMB Soft across the world, Team Kraken are becoming one of the first Teams in Australia to develop HMB fighters from a young age. Our twice weekly HMB soft sessions hope to grow the next generation HMB fighters and expand our community.

No matter your skill level or interest in Historical Medieval Combat, Team Kraken love helping new club members grow into becoming the best fighter, marshal or support member they want to be in this truly unique sport.

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