Club Havoc

Club Havoc is Australia’s longest-running HMB team. We were formed in 2012 by just a couple of members. In 2013 we competed as part of the Australian National Team and have done so in every world championship since then. As well as Battle of the Nations, we have competed in dozens of international tournaments ranging from Mexico to Russia.

We are based out of our gym in Leppington affectionately known as "The Scrape" where we hold club trainings regularly. Sub-team training sessions are held throughout Sydney over the rest of the week. On the first weekend of each month we hold training tournaments at our outdoor training facility situated in the Southern Highlands.

No matter your level of experience or fitness, all are welcome. So come join in, train hard, and try to earn your place on the club’s top team, Havoc Prime.

If you would like to join the fight contact Team Havoc via Facebook